Organization Wellbeing Programs

Churches, Schools and Non-Profits

At Shalem, we understand that every organization has an unique DNA. We create “Organization Wellbeing” plans customized for your church, school or nonprofit organization.

We understand organizational wellbeing has positive impact on the mental wellbeing of those in their community. We have discovered that a healthy organization (church, school, or organization) fosters an environment where participants, volunteers and employees feel they belong, contribute and grow. Characteristics of organizational wellbeing include: open communication, strong leadership, a positive culture, opportunities for personal growth and access to counselling, resources and wellness programs.

Working with faith-based organizations we have crafted several programs to support organizational leaders to create environments where their community members can flourish.

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Our Counselling Assistance Program (CAP) provides access for members and staff of churches, schools and nonprofit organizations to access professional Christian therapy to guide individuals seeking increased mental wellbeing. We are currently working with over 100 churches, schools, and organizations across Canada.

Learn more about CAP here.
If you are a member of a CAP church and would like to set up an appointment, you can do that here.

ClergyCare and LeaderCare

We recognize the unique calling and challenges of leadership. This program connects pastors, leaders and their family members to professional Christian therapist who offer guidance to restore mental wellbeing. We also provide professional development opportunities for pastors and leaders to increase their own organization’s wellbeing. 

Learn more about ClergyCare and LeaderCare here.

FaithCare Restorative Practice

Our team of FaithCare Facilitators provide churches, schools, and organizations with a pathway to both mitigate the harm created through conflict and tension and to move towards the restoration of relationships. We offer facilitated Listening Circles for organizations working through conflict and workshops to support the development of restorative organizations and communities.

Learn more about FaithCare here.


This program provides churches and organizations the capacity to support individuals and families struggling with multiple needs. Through a circle of supportive professional, community and family members, an assets-based plan is created to increase the resilience of individuals and families.

Learn more around the WrapAround approach here.