Healthy Relationships

Restorative churches, schools and organizations respect differences as inevitable and necessary for growth. Restorative churches, schools and organizations: 

      • strive to build healthy relationships where differences are respected 
      • experiences conflict as a creative and transformative force

The Challenge 

Churches, schools and organizations strive to be places of love, peace and justice. Destructive conflict can lead to a divisive and fragmented community. Often during periods of conflict faith communities feel stuck, unable to move forward. Conflict becomes a debilitating force rather than a constructive opportunity.

FaithCare is both:

1. A restorative response to conflict 

Using Restorative Practice to meet your particular needs, FaithCare invites those in conflict to talk to each other through facilitated circles. Restorative questions form the basis for the circles. Questions may include:

What happened? 

What impact has the incident or issue had on you and others? 

What has been the hardest thing for you? 

What do you think needs to happen to make things right? 

What do you need to do to make things right?

2. A process to become restorative churches, schools and organizations 

FaithCare offers workshops and other educational opportunities towards building a restorative churches, schools and organizations. Churches, schools and organizations learn the fundamentals of restorative processes.

FaithCARE is committed to help churches, schools and organizations:

      • repair harm, restore relationships and move forward 
      • transform conflict into growth for all, fostering respect and acceptance of differences 
      • become restorative, relational communities

Restorative practice is grounded in the belief that: 

      • every person has God-given worth 
      • no one is disposable 
      • human conflict and harm can be most effectively addressed by attending to the healing of all persons affected


Give FaithCare a try.

For more information contact: 

Anne Martin, FaithCare Coordinator
Tel:  647.986.8297
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