Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by so many needs happening all at once? Are you involved in many services at the same time but they’re just not working for you–or you can’t get service? Do you feel like your ideas for your family or yourself are not being taken seriously?

WrapAround is a life-planning process that puts you or your family in charge. It builds on what you can do, not what you can’t do. It wraps community around you when you are alone. It offers hope for a better life when life circumstances seem to be driving out all hope.

With WrapAround, you speak with a trained facilitator (either a community volunteer or a paid staff person) about your hopes and dreams for yourself and your family (if applicable). You and the facilitator then identify your gifts (your strengths) and your needs, and you pick a group of people who will form your WrapAround team–people who know you, like family and friends, and whose advice you trust. The team could include some or all of the professionals you are working with–that’s up to you. With the help of your team, you then decide on action steps for meeting your goals, based on your and the team’s strengths.

Seem far-fetched? It’s not. It’s being done all over North America, and the evidence shows that WrapAround is a best practice in helping people with complex needs to have a better life.

WrapAround Values

  • Voice and choice
  • No shame, no blame
  • Nothing about us without us
  • Strength-based, needs-driven
  • Never give up (unconditional care)
  • One plan
  • Close to home
  • Community counts

For more information and for a complete description of WrapAround, view this video:

Why WrapAround? from Shalem Mental Health Network on Vimeo.


Shalem is actively engaged in delivering a WrapAround service as a community-owned, community-driven initiative in Hamilton. We support WrapAround Northumberland and Chatham-Kent. We are also deeply involved in the WrapAround Association of Ontario and in national developments through Wrap Canada. And we are working with churches in various places in Ontario to develop and deliver faith-based WrapAround.

If you would like WrapAround, let us know. If you would like to become a trained WrapAround facilitator or volunteer, we provide the training. If you would like to start a WrapAround initiative in your community or congregation, let us know!

Elske De Visch Eybergen
Director of WrapAround Services
[email protected]
Elske provides facilitation, facilitator training, coaching and support for WrapAround Hamilton. 

Mary Charles
WrapAround Administrative Support
[email protected]
Mary provides administrative and volunteer support for WrapAround Hamilton. She is Secretary of the WrapAround Association of Ontario.

Mark Vander Vennen

Executive Director, Shalem Mental Health Network
[email protected]
Mark was one of the first Canadians to implement WrapAround. He is Board Chair of Wrap Canada and Co-director of Wrap Canada’s Trainers and Coaches Group. He provides facilitator training and coaching services.