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LGBTQ+, Mental Health and Faith Conference

Join with Generous Space Ministries and Shalem for a joint conference on LGBTQ+, Mental Health and Faith.

Luis F Goncalves, an experienced therapist who has navigated his own LGBTQ+ journey, will give the keynote presentation on LGBTQ+ and Mental Health. In the afternoon, there will  be a panel of experienced partitioners and a panel members of the LGBTQ+ community.

You can expect a day of dialogue and co-learning with LGBTQ+ individuals and practitioners, a better understanding of the complexity of mental health challenges for LGBTQ+ indviduals, a sharing of the unique challenges and opportunities for building support systems and an exploration of the distinctions between mental illness and orientation/gender realities.

For more information, view the complete flyer here.

This conference registration is FULL, and the registration is closed. Thank you for your interest!