Dyadic Developmental Practice and Psychotherapy (DDP) – Level 2 Training

This Level 2, four-day course on Dyadic Developmental Practice, Psychotherapy and Parenting (DDP), builds on the ideas and skills introduced in Level 1. It focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of the theory, successes and barriers experienced by participants in applying the model in practice, more videos and discussion of DDP and the impact of participant’s own attachment experiences.

This training is open to clinical psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists and other practitioners who have completed the four-day Level 1 training and are beginning to use the principles and interventions in their day-to-day clinical work. It is helpful if participants have examples of their own DDP practice, such as case studies and/or recordings, to share with the group.

This is phase two of becoming certified as a DDP practitioner. After completing Level 2 you can apply to become certified as a practitioner in DDP. For detailed information go to Participants do not have to be planning to certify in the model to take Level 2.

This training will take place at the Youth Services Bureau in Ottawa, ON on June 19 – 22, 2018 and the registration fee is $750 which includes all course materials and refreshment breaks. For more information about this training, view this flyer.

To register contact us at 866.347.0041 or by email at [email protected]

This training is facilitated by Betty J.B. Brouwer, certified DDP practitioner, consultant and trainer. Betty is currently chair of the DDPI board. Betty is a registered psychotBetty updated againherapist and she is also a registered art therapist and play therapist.