WrapAround is all about partnerships – and we are deeply grateful to all of our WrapAround partners, especially innumerable partners and volunteers in the WrapAround Hamilton program. It truly does “take a community to raise a child.” Here is a link to our WrapAround Hamilton brochure.

WrapAround Partnerships:

WrapAround Hamilton

Melrose United Church

Neighbourlink Chatham-Kent

Aboriginal Healing and Outreach
We are proud to have provided start-up assistance to this program, operated on behalf of the urban Aboriginal community in downtown Hamilton by the Native Women’s Centre. The program blends traditional healing practices with WrapAround and is quickly gaining interest from Aboriginal communities across Canada.

System-level Partnerships include:

Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health
Shalem is deeply grateful to the Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health for a awarding us a second WrapAround evaluation grant – a “Doing” grant (our first grant was a “Planning” grant). With the support of the Centre of Excellence (funded by Ontario’s Ministry of Children and Youth Services), we have developed, adapted and adopted a series of instruments designed to evaluate the mental health outcomes of our WrapAround work. A key series of instruments measures resilience – the ability of people to bounce back from adverse circumstances.

Dr. Michael Ungar
Dr. Ungar of Dalhousie University is a central partner to Shalem in our resilience work. Shalem is grateful for the support and partnership in our WrapAround work of Dr. Michael Ungar, one of the leading researchers internationally in the study of resilience (the ability to bounce back) in children and youth.



Other Evaluation Partners include:

Dr. Eric Bruns and the U.S. National WrapAround Initiative in the use of their WrapAround Fidelity Index (WFI).
The WFI measures whether or not we are doing “high fidelity” WrapAround – that is, WrapAround that is true to WrapAround values and principles.

WrapAround Research and Evaluation Network (WREN)
Shalem is an active participant in the WrapAround Research and Evaluation Network (WREN), consisting of Shalem, WrapAround Northumberland and Catulpa WrapAround. Each of us is in receipt of funding support from the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health. Combining our data will give us a robust data set. We hope to expand the WREN network after a year of implementation to include other WrapAround programs in Ontario, through the WrapAround Association of Ontario. The Centre of Excellence is interested in WREN’s strength-based approach to outcome evaluation.

WrapAround Association of Ontario
The WrapAround Association of Ontario is made up of WrapAround initiatives around Ontario (approximately 18). It offers rich networking and practice development opportunities for WrapAround participants in Ontario. Shalem’s Elske De Visch Eybergen serves as its Secretary.

Wrap Canada
Wrap Canada is non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting best practices in WrapAround across Canada. Wrap Canada is active developing a “made in Canada” WrapAround model, together with training and coaching materials, in partnership with provincial associations and networks (such as the WrapAround Association of Ontario). Wrap Canada will provide certification of trainers, facilitators and coaches and help to define standards of practice. Shalem’s Andrew Debicki is the Volunteer National Development Director of Wrap Canada, and Shalem’s Executive Director Mark Vander Vennen is a Founding Board Member and current Board Chair.