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“Imagine you have just made a poor decision at work. You are feeling pretty embarrassed and ashamed. It has affected others but they don’t want to talk about it. There is nothing you can do other than to suffer the humiliation and accept the sanction. To make matters worse, you are constantly hearing others say it’s all your fault!”

  • What would this experience be like?
  • What happens when you are not given an opportunity to take responsibility for the choices you make?
  • How do you deal with your awful feelings, particularly your shame?
  • How does “blame” impede the development of healthy relationships?
    (with thanks to Terry O’Connell, Director, Real Justice Australia)

With the support of a number of interested people from both business and labour, Shalem offers individualized Restorative Practice Services for workplaces. Through facilitated circles and trainings tailored to each workplace, Shalem supports the company or organization to develop a restorative framework designed to build and sustain healthy workplace relationships – allowing people to process emotions like shame, move on, build team, increase job satisfaction and productivity, and reduce lost work time.

Restorative Practice Checklist

(with thanks to Terry O’Connell, Director, Real Justice Australia)

Is Your Workplace Practice?

  • Respectful (distinguishing the behaviour from the person)?
  • Fair (engaging others with explanations and clarifying expectations)?
  • Restorative (by repairing harm and building relationships)?

Does Your Workplace Practice?

  • Develop Empathy (through reflection, insight and learning)?
  • Enhance responsibility and accountability?
  • Promote positive behavioural change?

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Anne Martin
Director of Restorative Practice Services
[email protected]

International Institute of Restorative Practices – Canada