CAP Reflections

“I am so grateful for CAP. It is great to have a place to go to work through this unexpected crisis in my life. I am grateful for my church’s involvement in CAP, providing this helpful resource to its members in times of need. Really demonstrates to me the church’s theological understanding of people as wholistic beings – social, spiritual, psychological and physical.”

“Wow, it helped so much. I feel like I am not alone with nowhere to turn. I haven’t got out of the ‘black hole’ yet but I know it is possible.”

“Excellent sessions. I am very impressed with the knowledge and wisdom provided.”

“Some people shared with me that they did reach out the past few months and have been really blessed by the counselling.  Most of them would not likely have reached out for counselling without this resource. I find it reduces both the financial aspect and the stigma that accompanies counselling for some.  It also communicates to our church family that we know life can be hard at times and we care deeply.  Thanks again for your ministry, both at Shalem and through the CAP program.”

PASTOR, Bethel Church, Acton

“When CAP was introduced to the congregation we were both surprised and pleased by the immediate response to the program. It is a wonderful tool for healing in the beginning stages of a developing family issue.”

Two Church Council members, Rehoboth Christian Reformed Church, Bowmanville

“I was initially hopeful, but uncertain whether or not people would take advantage of this ministry. But people are responding; how exciting!”

PASTOR, First Christian Reformed Church, Hamilton

“For those of our congregation who thought that professional counselling was out of their financial reach, CAP has made counselling accessible. CAP has helped us as a community to carry one another’s burdens and nurture hope and healing.”

PASTOR, Grace Christian Reformed Church, Scarborough

A number of clients have told us that the anonymity of the program was crucial in their willingness to access counselling.