New Mentorship Program at RE-create

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This January, RE-create has the privilege of beginning a mentorship program for RE-create youth called “DIY-together.”

RE-create is an art studio in downtown Hamilton where street-involved youth can begin to reconnect to themselves, others, and their community through the creative arts while gaining valuable life and work skills.

With funding from the John and Ellie Voortman Foundation, RE-create was able to hire Randy Neudorf, our current outreach worker, to be the Mentorship Project coordinator.

The name “DIY-together” is a reflection on the “DIY” (do it yourself) culture that has become prevalent in home-improvements, homesteading, and art-making. But, in order to be able to do something well on your own, you often need someone to come alongside you in the process and show you how they have managed to make it work.

Our hope for this mentorship program is that youth will have someone come alongside them and show them how they integrate art-making into their life for the long-term.

We have 8 applications from Youth artists who are interested in being mentored thus far, and are awaiting just a few more Mentor applications from local Hamilton artists.

The youth will have an opportunity to meet monthly with their mentors, be taken out for coffee, and discuss whatever their goals are for a 1-year timeline. So far, we have heard that some youth want to learn new oil painting skills, finish their high school diplomas, and sell some of their work. One youth expressed a desire to be able to make art without comparing it to the art of friends and family members viewed as more talented.

As you can see, this isn’t simply about how to make art for the long-haul, but how to improve self-esteem, set reasonable goals, and to be held accountable for your own well-being. The hope for this program is that youth not only learn valuable skills on how to keep making art throughout their lifetime, but also how to take care of themselves, and set goals for their health and well being that will inevitably make art-making that much more enjoyable and attainable.

Randy and I are excited to launch this program in the upcoming weeks and pair the youth up with their mentors. There will be monthly meet-ups that will include all the mentors and youth artists getting together for possible trips to galleries and other social events.

The youth will also have a chance to learn how to price, table, and sell their artwork at the Maker’s Markets held during art crawls on James Street North at Christ’s Church Cathedral (252 James Street North). Mentors and youth will set-up their art and interact with the public, learning valuable lessons in interacting with customers, and explaining their art work to an audience.

Please stay tuned for more updates on this amazing program.

For more information about RE-create and it’s upcoming programs, check out this video.

If you have any questions or would like to apply as a Youth artist or Mentor please contact Randy at [email protected]

Emma Silverthorne is the Studio Coordinator for RE-create Outreach Art Studio.

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