Hold Me Tight® Workshops Become a Regular Event

Winter 2018 < BACK Hold Me Tight® Workshops Become a Regular Event

Positive results from the Hold Me Tight® weekends for couples leads Shalem to offer the workshop regularly.

Hold Me Tight® is a program developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, based on her book of the same name, and shares proven strategies to strengthen relationships.

The workshop walks couples through seven conversations designed to help them understand the nature of relationship bonds and how to strengthen them. It helps couples understand how relationships get off track, and how they can repair past hurts and regain their closeness.

The workshop consists of short presentations from Shalem’s workshop leaders, video demonstrations of Dr. Johnson leading other couples through the seven conversations, as well as some time for private conversations and practice sessions for the couples.

It is created to be useful for couples who are doing well overall, but hoping to improve their relationship, as well as for couples who are struggling to connect. Couples benefit whether they are in new or established relationships. Couples report that they find it to be very helpful whether they are looking to enhance their relationship, or whether they are already involved in couple counselling and looking for something to supplement and speed up the work.

While the workshop is an educational one, the format allows couples to go far beyond just listening to information by watching the videos and then having their own conversations. The workshop leaders are trained couple therapists, and are available if couples run into difficulties in their private conversations and would like a bit of extra help to get them back on track.

The weekend format allows couples to access the workshop without having to take time off work. Many couples treat it like a special get-away retreat, arranging for childcare for the whole weekend and renting a hotel room for an overnight stay.

Shalem’s counselling clinic has begun to offer this group regularly, like many other professionals around the world, and find it to be a dynamic place of learning and growth, both for Shalem couples in counselling as well as for other couples looking for growth in intimacy.

Our next Hold Me Tight® weekend is scheduled for April 2-3, 2018, and will be led by Susan Winter Fledderus and Shawn Groen. Both bring great insight and enthusiasm to this program.

If you know of a couple who might want to connect more deeply or get “unstuck” from their negative patterns, encourage them to check out the Hold Me Tight® workshop.

To learn more about the program, you can view a flyer here. To register visit this link or call Shalem’s office at 905-528-0353. Anyone is welcome to register.

Jennifer Bowen, M.Div., RMFT, is the Clinical Director of Shalem Mental Health Network’s Counselling Services.

“Hold Me Tight®” is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson


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