RJ Monthly Dialogue

This free eNewsletter provides space for conversation to broaden and deepen the restorative experience in schools. It was created by Dorothy Vaandering, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland – and a valued partner of Shalem.The Dialogue provides stories and articles about the use of Restorative Justice in school setting. Educators are invited to submit questions/comments.

The newsletter has now been integrated into the website www.relationshipsfirstnl.com. Here you will find all the components of the newsletter and more.

On occasion we do send out emails, but more likely from here on in we will be putting announcements on the website, our Facebook page, or twitter (@RelatFirstNL). Please join us on these sites. 

Past Issues
November 2013  DOWNLOAD PDF >

This month we welcome a more lengthy reflection than usual from highschool teacher, Kelly Jesperson that will make us smile and stop trying to get elephants to climb trees. We also welcome some shorter, pithy pieces that reflect the joyful and challenging realities of shifting to a more relational way of being! Enjoy!

May 2013  DOWNLOAD PDF >

Confronting death is a part of life. How do we do it so that we move into hope instead of despair? This month’s dialogue explores this and we reveals that when we allow youth a space we discover that truly, “a little child will lead them.”

January 2013  DOWNLOAD PDF >

2013 has arrived! A fresh start, with hopes, anticipations, fears, concerns. We take a bit of a light-hearted look at rj in schools to start the new calendar year off.

November 2012  DOWNLOAD PDF >

As the school year progresses we see and experience more clearly both the wonder of relationships and the struggles associated with relationships. This issue builds a deeper understanding of the relational foundation on which restorative justice principles and practices lie.

June 2012  DOWNLOAD PDF >

Summer holidays just a few days away!  This final issue of the RJ Dialogue for this school year gives pause for reflection on the past year and plants seeds for what will be. Enjoy!

April 2012  DOWNLOAD PDF >

As April begins, Lent draws to a close — a good time to read a new issue of the RJ Monthly DIALOGUE! We trust this issue will encourage you, challenge you, and remind you that relational school cultures where we honour one another can be nurtured!

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September 2013  DOWNLOAD PDF >

Summer, the time of year when we find some time to STOP, to rest, to reflect, and to play. When the calendar page turns to September, new adventures begin fueled by what we have experienced away from our classrooms and schools.

March 2013  DOWNLOAD PDF >

March is often a difficult time for educators and students. We trust that this issue will encourage you to continue in your efforts to live out of a relational paradigm, one that allows for us to be vulnerable and weak.

December 2012  DOWNLOAD PDF >

December 2012 has arrived! Advent and Christmas are filled with anticipation and hope and we move into the season … some with excitement, others with nonchalance, and others with fear.

A verse from a poem by Madeline L’Engle presents the risk taken with the message of love and peace.

When is the time for love to be born?
The inn is full on planet earth,
And by a comet the sky is torn –

Yet Love still takes the risk of birth.
October 2012  DOWNLOAD PDF >

Restorative justice is all about Relationships First! It’s easy to focus on rules, much harder to focus on how I am with myself and others. And, in a school setting, as an educator, it’s much easier to focus on students’ behaviour, then it is to focus on my relationship with them or my colleagues.

May 2012  DOWNLOAD PDF >

This issue’s stories are all about renewed and rebuilt relationships. Enjoy the stories from the very young learner to the adult learner, from the East Coast, the West Coast and several places in between!

January 2012  DOWNLOAD PDF >

In this issue we consider the benefit of resolving to live restoratively so all people are honoured for who they have been created to be—this requires an ongoing commitment that will touch every part of our lives. Are you up for the challenge? It’s will be a lot easier if we do it together

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