Attachment Specialty

Linking Lives/Building Attachment for Children and Youth

Does your child’s early history include some form of trauma or neglect? That history can interfere with a child’s ability to form a healthy attachment with his or her caregiver, which can in turn lead to difficulties in forming relationships.

If your child struggles with…

  • Persistent aggression
  • Rule-breaking
  • Withdrawn behaviour
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Social problems
  • Thought problems
  • Attention problems

…it may be as a result of attachment difficulties. You may wish to consider using Shalem’s comprehensive Linking Lives/Building Attachment treatment supports.

Linking Lives/Building Attachment is available to:

  • Long-term foster parents and their children
  • Adoptive children and their parents
  • Caregivers and children in kinship care
  • Parents and their biological children
  • Parents with attachment disorders due to trauma in their past

Read Betty Brouwer’s “Building the Bonds of Attachment” case study.

Greater Hamilton Area

Betty Brouwer
905.528.0353 • 1.866.347.0041
[email protected]

Durham Region
June Zwier
[email protected]


Dr. Dan Hughes
Shalem is honoured to link with psychologist Dr. Dan Hughes in our Linking Lives/Building Attachmentprogram. Dr. Hughes is one of the leading experts internationally in developing treatment approaches for children and youth with attachment disorders. At Shalem, we use the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy model that Dr. Hughes has pioneered – working with both the child or youth and his/her caregiver(s) to build the bonds of attachment between them.  Betty J.B. Brouwer is a certified member of the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Institute and is working towards becoming a certified consultant.

Child and Adolescent Services
In addition to providing clinical treatment, a second goal of Linking Lives/Building Attachment is to help develop the capacity of all of us in the child-serving sector to do attachment-specific work. To that end, we have partnered with Child and Adolescent Services,a children’s mental health service in Hamilton, to offer training in the Hamilton area by Dan Hughes. Dan offers compelling one-day workshops for parents and professionals, and three- to four-day workshops for clinicians. Through our partnership, Dan led training events in Hamilton in 2010, 2008 and 2007.

Attachment Association of Canada
We are also pleased to support the new Attachment Association of Canadain bringing Dr. Dan Hughes for training around Ontario. Dan’s trainings are terrific opportunities for parents, psychologists, teachers, therapists, caregivers, social workers and foster parents. Continue to watch our website and the Attachment Association of Canada’s website for details of new training sessions.