Art Therapy

Art therapy is a mental health profession that combines the creative powers of art with the therapeutic process of psychotherapy.Art therapy works from the basic principle that the therapeutic use of art, a form of self-expression, facilitates the release and exploration of a wide range of emotions in a safe and contained framework in order to create a coherent narrative. The focus of art therapy is not on the end product created but on the process by which it is created.Art therapy is used with children, adolescents, adults of all ages, groups and families. Two of Shalem’s counsellors, Betty Brouwer and Michelle De Boer, are graduates of the Toronto Art Therapy Institute, and Betty is a past Board member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association.

Read Michelle DeBoer’s “Art Therapy: A Case Study”

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Six year old male: Picture of his heart after a particularly hard day. Black = bad, then blue, red Yellow = good. He ripped up his heart drawing because he did not like feeling this way. He asked that the pieces be kept in an envelope because he really did feel that way.
13-year-old female: Sexually abused.
Female in 20s: Following the loss of her mother.
Boy age 6: Angry at his mother.

The individuals who gave us permission to display their artwork have found Art Therapy to be a successful process that has helped them move through their pain to a healthier and more peaceful place.