An Elephant in the Pew: Understanding Anxiety and Depression

Jennifer Bowen will be the morning key note speaker on Saturday, April 25 in Woodstock. Jennifer will speak on Understanding Anxiety and Depression, looking at both disorders—their causes, symptoms, treatments—and their impact on the individual and his or her relationships. Jennifer will also address how faith communities relate to these issues as a community, and where there is room for growth. This event is hosted by CRC Disability Concerns, to register and for more information visit this link.


Canadian WrapAround: A Case Study of A Volunteer-Driven, Community-Based Approach for Families, Children and Youth with Complex Needs

A milestone journal essay about Shalem’s WrapAround work has just been published. Called “Canadian WrapAround: A Case Study of A Volunteer-Driven, Community-Based Approach for Families, Children, and Youth with Complex Needs in Hamilton, Ontario”, the essay shows that a community-based volunteer WrapAround program can achieve research-validated outcomes with families that are as strong as professional staff-driven WrapAround initiatives. The article is published in the journal Relational Child and Youth Care Practice (Vol. 27, #4). Congratulations to our partner, WrapAround Hamilton, on these outstanding results. Congratulations also to lead author Lauren Wallace (volunteer chair of WrapAround Hamilton) and Shalem staff co-authors Andrew Debicki, Elske De Visch Eybergen and Mark Vander Vennen.