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The National Restorative Justice Symposium 2013

On November 18, Anne Martin and Mark Vander Vennen are doing a workshop at “The National Restorative Justice Symposium 2013″, entitled “Center for Workplace Engagement: Building the Social Capital of Workplaces Using Restorative Practice“.  The conference will be in Toronto, for more information and registration information please visit this link.

Who I'm Not

“Who I’m Not”: A New Book of Canadian Fiction

Congratulations to Ted Staunton, a friend of Shalem’s Executive Director, Mark Vander Vennen. Ted, a noted Canadian author of books for children and young adults, has just published a work of fiction called “Who I’m Not”. The main character, “Danny”, negotiates life as a young man with an attachment disorder–the type of issue and young person that Shalem works with in our “Linking Lives/Building Attachment for Children and Youth” counselling program. Ted consulted with Mark throughout the writing of the book on how a young person with that attachment profile would see and experience the world, and he references the Shalem Mental Health Network in his Acknowledgements. It’s a rollicking great read–and one that tells the story in a way that no amount of clinical reports ever could.


Learning How to Grow Restorative Churches

FaithCARE presents: Learning How to Grow Restorative Churches. The conference was held in Mississauga, ON on November 5 – 7, 2013. At this conference you will explore, learn and practice what it means to be a restorative church. The conference fee also includes Individualized Field Coaching. For more information and to register, view the conference brochure.


Facilitating Healthy Attachments between Young Moms and their Children

Betty Brouwer will be presenting at the Ontario Association of Child, Youth and Young Parent Centres Conference: Building Resiliency through Collaboration on Monday, November 4th, 2013.  Betty’s workshop is entitled:  Me2you2we-Facilitating healthy attachments between young moms and their children.  For more information on this conference, visit the Ontario Association of Child, Youth and Young Parent Centres website.

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Solution-Focused Couple Therapy: Working with Emotion, Attachment and Power

Susan Winter Fledderus will be presenting the above workshop on November 8th at the 2013 Conference on Solution-Focused Practices:  “One Heart, Many Hands“. Couples seeking therapy are often caught in highly emotional and distressing negative interaction patterns.  At this workshop, we will explore how therapists can apply the basic assumptions and interventions of the SFBT model as we seek to facilitate couple solution-building and growth in the areas of emotional closeness, attachment experiences, meaning-making and power-negotiation.

For more information on this conference and workshop, please visit: the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association website.


Attachment Focused Parenting: Connecting, Nurturing and Restoring Hope

Betty Brouwer will be presenting this workshop on November 7, 2013 for Family and Children’s Services Niagara.  Betty will give an overview about attachment and explore the impact of attachment disruptions.  Betty will discuss ways to support parents as they seek to build, nuture and repair a healthy and secure attachment for children who have had a difficult start.

For more information on this presentation, please contact Anita Foran and FACS Niagara.