FaithCARE (Communities Affirming Restorative Experiences)

Is your church in the midst of a damaging conflict, one that inhibits its ability to live out its mission? Is your church interested in becoming a more restorative, relational community, one where healthy differences are seen as opportunities for growth?

FaithCARE can help. Through a series of open and honest conversations done in facilitated circles,FaithCARE helps churches work through conflicts to where they lead to deeper understanding and healthier relationships. And through training and mentoring, FaithCARE gives tools to help churches become restorative congregations—to build strong, healthy communities.

FaithCARE’s practice is grounded in the belief that:

    • Every person has God-given worth
    • No one is disposable
    • Conflict and harm are most effectively addressed by attending to the needs of everyone affected

Restorative questions form the basis for talking circles. Questions may include:

    • What happened?
    • What impact has the incident or issue had on you and others?
    • What do you think needs to happen to make things right?
    • What are you prepared to do to help make things right?

Each FaithCARE approach is tailored to each congregation under the congregation’s direction.

One of the mysteries of faith is that some of the most difficult, painful and damaging conflicts between people take place in church settings. Likely many of us know of congregation-based disputes that have left people hurt and embittered – perhaps even questioning their faith.

Since 2007, our multi-denominational team of veteran Restorative Practice facilitators has collaborated with over 30 churches around Ontario from a variety of denominations. Issues have ranged from low intensity to very high intensity conflict. Congregations have told us “we would not have been able to move from our pain and conflict to where we are now without the support of FaithCARE.” We have also walked alongside other churches as they live out their desire to become restorative culture congregations, where all relationships are done in a restorative way.

Everyone has a voice, and the process is always invitational.

Download the FaithCARE brochure.
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Anne Martin
Director of FaithCARE Services
[email protected]

FaithCARE Partners
FaithCARE is guided by an inter-denominational Steering Group made up of experienced Restorative Practice practitioners:

    • Mark Yantzi
    • Bruce Schenk
    • Anne Martin
    • Stan Baker
    • Mark Vander Vennen

International Institute of Restorative Practices – Canada
We are grateful for the partnership of the International Institute of Restorative Practices in FaithCARE.