Restorative Practice

Have you recently experienced harm – perhaps in your church, your workplace or your school? Are the impacts of that harm interfering with your life and the lives of the people affected?

Shalem recognizes that some emotional or mental health needs are best met in the settings where they are experienced, rather than in the counselling office. That’s where Restorative Practice comes in.

Restorative Practice offers a framework and a series of practices designed to process issues, repair harm, restore relationship, build community and allow people to move on. Restorative Practice invites people affected by conflict to talk to each other openly and honestly through facilitated circles and restorative conversations.

Shalem offers Restorative Practice facilitation services for churches, schools, workplaces, and communities. Our experienced team of certified facilitators also offers workshops and other educational opportunities towards building ongoing restorative cultures in each of those settings.