Sunshine From Darkness

Do you or someone you love struggle with a mental illness? Are you wondering where to turn for helpful information?

Sunshine from Darkness offers up-to-date information for you on the particular mental illness that you are dealing with, and tips for dealing with the mental health system.

A mental illness diagnosis can be a frightening – even life-altering experience. But there is also hope. Many people who have mental illness thrive. A mental illness no more defines a person than does a diagnosis of cancer or diabetes.

As more and more is becoming known about mental illness, including effective treatments, better and better information is becoming available. And that can be hugely helpful in dealing with family members, church and community members, as well as doctors and others in the medical or social work profession.

Does someone in your church struggle with mental illness? Not sure what it’s about or how your church can best respond? Sunshine from Darkness can provide you with up-to-date, helpful information.

June Zwier
Director of Mental Health Resources
[email protected]