Are you a young person without a real home? Maybe going from couch to couch in Hamilton? Frustrated by the curve balls life has thrown you?

Check out RE-create –and check in with your creative, expressive side.

RE-create is an open arts studio in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, where street-involved youth can begin to reconnect to themselves, others, and their community through the creative arts while gaining valuable life and work skills. From painting to poetry, performance art, photography and other multimedia projects, RE-create offers an opportunity for street-involved youth to try a variety of art forms under the guidance of local established artists and members of the wider arts community.

RE-create works in partnership with the community, government, local area churches, schools, local business and individuals to facilitate social change, and is guided by a Steering Group of interested community members. RE-create is also an active participant in the Arts Forms, a collaborative project involving numerous arts and child-serving organizations in downtown Hamilton seeking to provide more arts opportunities for at-risk youth.


Watch the RE-create video below to learn more about RE-create and if you’d like to attend:

Recreate Youth Video from Shalem Mental Health Network on Vimeo.

If you are looking for ways to support RE-create, we’d love to partner with you! The video below will give you more information and specific opportunities

How to support RE-create from Shalem Mental Health Network on Vimeo.

The Recreate studio space is located on:
James Street North, the door between 126 and 128 James Street North as part of Art Forms.

Betty Brouwer
RE-create Artistic Director
[email protected]

Meghan Schuurman
RE-create Studio Coordinator
[email protected]