More Growth for Shalem

Spring 2017 More Growth for Shalem

2016 is just behind us, and the end of a full year gives us at Shalem an opportunity to have a look back, gather our recollections and stories, look at some numbers, and assess the year. We are still completing that process of annual review. But one of the themes that stands out involves even further indications of growth at Shalem. I have written about Shalem’s growth previously—in our annual reports, and in earlier issues of Shalem’s Digest and Networker. I find it truly remarkable that I am in a position to reflect on new growth yet again.

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The Power of Restorative Questions

Spring 2017 The Power of Restorative Questions

“What would you like to see come out of today’s meeting?”

This is a question we ask as the last part of a restorative circle—a formal, structured conversation to address a conflict or when harm has occurred.


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