The Shalem Digest is a newsletter that is produced twice a year. Each issue tackles a different topic of interest to friends of Shalem Mental Health Network. Also included in each issue a piece from Mark Vander Vennen in the Director’s Corner. If you would like to receive the Digest by mail, please contact our office.

RJ Monthly Dialogue CLICK HERE >
The RJ Monthly Dialogue is brought to you through a collaboration between Shalem and Dorothy Vaandering, Memorial University of Newfoundland. The Dialogue provides stories and articles about the use of Restorative Justice in school setting. Educators are invited to submit questions and comments.

The first issue of RJ DIALOGUE came out in October 2009 for those who had taken RJ training workshops through the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools and Shalem Mental Health Network in Ontario, Canada. Set in the context of a faith-based independent school system, the connection of rj to indigenous and spiritual traditions was made with a particular focus on the Judeo- Christian perspective. This focus is also the context of the RJ DIALOGUE.

Other Resources CLICK HERE >
These are other relevant resources that you may find helpful and interesting. These are publications that our staff have contributed to, resources for small groups. or other articles on mental health issues. Also included here are some audio interviews that some of our staff had while partnering with the Drew Marshall Show. These interviews respond to questions from the radio audience on specific topics such as depression, dating, and family relations.