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The Shalem Digest is a newsletter, mailed to our support community and partners twice a year. Feel free to contact us if you require more information on a specific topic, if we can be of personal assistance, or if there is a topic not listed for which you would like some information.

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Past Issues
Fall 2017  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Leadership and Vulnerability

Leaders today feel the weight of expectations that they should never reveal vulnerability or hesitation. It’s a trap.

Fall 2016  DOWNLOAD PDF >
When the Holidays are Hard

For many people, holidays like Christmas are a time of joy, connection and celebration. But let’s face it, not everyone likes Christmas. Whether it is your friend, your loved one, your neighbour, or even you yourself, there are some who are finding Christmas hard this year.

Fall 2015  DOWNLOAD PDF >
What's Going On With Men Today?

For the last couple of years, in conversations with men, I have found occasion to say, “I think men are in trouble today.” To my amazement, every man I have trotted out this statement to has immediately agreed.

Fall 2014  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Understanding and Overcoming Self-Harm

Some youth today are trying to cope with hardship or difficulties by choosing to intentionally injure themselves, seeking a way to cope with deep emotional pain.

Fall 2013  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Suicide Prevention: Bringing Light to Darkness

Tragically, suicide has touched numerous communities in 2013. Despite the discomfort, at Shalem we want to broach the topic. Let’s start the conversation. One of the most harmful aspects of suicide is the silence within which we cloak it. This issue speaks to bringing light to the conversation and to the darkness.

Fall 2012  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Hope in the Presence of Pain

The cry of lament is the beginning of hope. In this issue, Susan Winter Fledderus explores shared lament and how we can offer those around us, hope.

Fall 2011  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Parenting to Prepare

Working from Dr. Michael Ungar’s research, Michelle DeBoer talks about how we can prepare our children to succeed and experience risk.

Fall 2010  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Anxiety – An Uncomfortable Truth

June Zwier talks about how anxiety can leave you feeling paralyzed, powerless and overwhelmed. June offers hope and some coping strategies.

Fall 2009  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Significance of Belonging

Jennifer Bowen writes about how we all want to belong, it’s an innate part of our make up. She talks about how communities and faith communities can offer belonging.

Spring 2008  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Which Hat Should I Wear?

Cathy Kalverda writes about how it is necessary to wear our many hats attentively.

Summer 2007  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Art Therapy: A Case Study

In this case study, Michelle DeBoer addresses some problem behaviour of a child in the family home through art therapy.

Summer 2006  DOWNLOAD PDF >
4 New Pilot Projects

In this Digest, four new pilot projects are described: Congregational Assistance Plan, Restorative Justice, WrapAround and Attachment Treatment.

Spring 2017  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Loving Someone with an Addiction

One of the hardest things to deal with in families and friendships is addiction. It seems such a bewilderingly powerful thing, and so destructive.

Spring 2016  DOWNLOAD PDF >
When Grief Overtakes Us

Why would I want to talk about sadness or grief? Talking about it can make me feel so helpless. And yet, we need to talk about it and understand that the feelings and emotions associated with the grieving process are normal and natural.

Spring 2015  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Feeling Connected Again

It is almost inevitable that we will run into some type of difficulties in our intimate relationships despite our best efforts and intentions. Read more about intimate relationships and how we can feel connected again.

Spring 2014  DOWNLOAD PDF >
The Golden Years: Seniors and Mental Health

The research is clear that people are at an increased risk of depression as they become elderly.

Spring 2013  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Reaching for the Future...Together

Refreshing Hearts in Christ (Philemon 1:20) is our theme for our 50th Anniversary year. Please take a moments to read the enclosed stories. We invite you to join us as we reach for the future …. together!

Spring 2012  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Building Healthy Relationships in Churches

In this issue, Anne Martin and Mark Vander Vennen look at how to create an environment in churches where tough conversations can happen, supported by restorative congregations and practices.


Spring 2011  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Marital Anguish: What Brain Science is Teaching Us.

Irene Oudyk-Suk writes about attachment in our relationships and how couples can refocus on that attachment.

Spring 2010  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Working Through Depression

There are many different types of depression. Marg Smit-VandeZande discusses these different types and also gives some ways to live with hope.

Spring 2009  DOWNLOAD PDF >

This Digest is the first edition with our new name: Shalem Mental Health Network. The new programs are introduced. There are descriptions of tools that are available for your congregation to reach in and reach out to your community.

Fall 2007  DOWNLOAD PDF >
The devil made me do it

Judy Cook discusses the roles of angels and demons in our lives.

Fall 2006  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Healing Graces

Judy Cook writes about the importance of God’s timing, and how at the right time He will heal us.

Fall 2005  DOWNLOAD PDF >
Bipolar Disorder, A Road Best Travelled With Others