Counselling Services

The decision to seek counselling is a courageous one. But many people find that once they’ve made it, they are already on their way to a welcome change in their circumstance or perspective.

You might seek counselling if:

    • An event has happened in your family or relationship – and you need support and solutions.
    • You’re experiencing a personal crisis that you are not able to manage with current coping strategies.
    • Your ambivalence is rising and your motivation is low.
    • You feel stuck in a relationship or situation – and you feel you need support to bring about a change.
    • You feel hopeless or anxious, overwhelmed.
    • You feel isolated.
    • You get panicky for no apparent reason.
    • You’re dissatisfied in your relationship or marriage.
    • You become angry and over-react in an area of your life.
    • You’re worried about your a loved one’s misuse of alcohol or drugs.

Counselling can offer:

    • Support.
    • A fresh perspective and hopeful insight into crisis or conflict.
    • Constructive strategies to bring about change.
    • Increased connection with your partner or family member.
    • Increased resiliency to address and prevent stress and burnout.
    • Increased meaning in your faith.

Shalem’s Counselling Centres are safe spaces where individuals and families can pause, reflect and rebuild. Our staff are committed to supporting you in making a change in your life, and your relationships. Our two locations, Hamilton and Durham, offer professional, confidential counselling by experienced, Master’s-degree level therapists.

As a faith-based clinic, our therapists are able to integrate issues of faith and spirituality into sessions, viewed through a holistic lens. While built and supported by a frame of Christ-centred values, Shalem is committed to providing its counselling services to any persons, regardless of age, orientation, race, or religion. We are client-centred in our approaches and respect each person’s journey. We will partner with you to create a treatment plan that best addresses your areas of concern.

Types of Counselling

General Counselling Program
Individual, couple and family counselling. We work though a spectrum of issues, with children and adults of all ages, including communication difficulties, parenting, self-esteem, grief, depression, anxiety, sexuality issues, separation/divorce, trauma and abuse.

Linking Lives/Building Attachment for Children and Youth
Attachment therapy(Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy) is designed to rebuild and repair connections within families after trauma or distress. Often used by foster and adoptive families, attachment therapy brings relief to distressed children, and guidance to adults, on how to address the broken bonds of relationship. Offered at both Counselling Centres.

Art Therapy
Art therapy offers a creative way to express and articulate emotional experiences that may be difficult to put into words. This type of therapy can be a comfortable way for children and teens to begin talking about problems.

Employee Assistance Plans (EAP)
Counselling coverage is available for companies that provide EAP support as part of employee health benefit packages.

For more information or to make an appointment

Greater Hamilton Area

905.528.0353 • 1.866.347.0041 • Fax 905.528.3562
[email protected]

Employee Assistance Plans

Jennifer Bowen, Clinical Director
[email protected]

We do caution that email communication is not the best way of communicating in the event of a crisis.

There are limits to confidentiality when using email and please always use caution when you are sending personal information by email. If you are at all concerned please use the alternative forms of communication above.

More information, please view our brochure.

For your convenience, we offer a variety of daytime and evening appointments.

We are fee-for-service agency, but strive for payment to be fair and equitable, taking into account challenges that may make payment difficult. Please ask about our sliding scale fee schedule when you call.

The average number of sessions is between 6 to 10, with some clients finding one or two helpful, and others needing more.

All of Shalem’s Counselling Services are strictly confidential.

For information on Client’s rights, please refer to the attached document.

Shalem has partnered with the Drew Marshall Show, the Counsel of Many in the past.

Shalem’s counselling clinic has been deeply influenced by attachment and relationship theory, several of our team members are part of the AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy) community. The video below, prepared by AAMFT, explains how relationships are interwoven into so many of our individual stories. This will give you a glimpse of how we approach our work with individuals, couples and families.